Types of fencing

When we collect our materials. They use the highest quality timber from well-managed forests. This ensures high, consistent, Beaumont and Crowthorne (Lawsons)We mainly use long-lasting quality. 

Lap Panels

Lap panels are the panels if you would like your fencing done on a budget. They are the cheapest panels available and still pressure treated. 

Closeboard Panels

Closeboard panels are pressure treated and long-lasting

Decorative Panels

Decorative panels are popular among our customers and would like a fence to look different from others. Some types even come with a trellis effect.

Picket Panels

Picket panels are a traditional type of fencing using horizontal rails and vertical pales with gaps between each pale. 

Trellis Panels

Trellis panels are used for screening on top of existing panels or for climbing plants. They come range from 1ft to 6ft heights and can be used as a panel on its own. 


Closeboard fencing is brilliant for its strength and versatility without sacrificing its appearance. The solid timber posts and rails provide real value for money over the lifetime of the fence. Concrete gravel board and post options are available.

Chainlink Fencing

Chain link is ideal for a whole range of fencing projects to improve security around domestic gardens and commercial premises. 

Post and Rail Fencing

Post & Rail, sometimes known as Ranch Fencing, is used as a fence boundary around animals such as horses. 

Stock Fencing

Stock Fencing is ideal for animal containment and can also be used as field boundaries for other small to medium-size animals.
Also suitable in domestic situations where dog containment in a garden is required.

Concrete Gravel Boards

Concrete gravel boards help to protect your timber fence from prolonged exposure to water. They can be used with a variety of fencing materials to ensure that they are long-lasting, durable, and safe. 

Timber Gravel Boards

If you have pets in your garden and want some additional peace of mind, gravel boards are a great way to ensure that your animals can’t squeeze out underneath the fence. Timber gravel boards are treated to prevent moisture damage. Installing gravel boards prevents your fence panels from touching the ground, which will ensure that your fence lasts longer and protects your boards from ground-level dirt. 

Concrete Posts

Concrete posts are an ideal post for fencing giving long life, maintenance-free fence. Concrete Slotted Posts are used in conjunction with Concrete Gravel Boards and fence panels to construct your fence.

Timber Posts

Timber fence posts are kiln dried and treated with a timber preservative to ensure long service life. They are available in both blank or morticed forms to help you build your fence.


Field Gates

Perfect for country homes, farms, or car parks. They are normally universal and can be hung from left and right. 


Garden Gates

Garden gates are good for easy access to your property. They come in a variety of styles. 


Other Types of Gates 

We can custom make your gate to the requirements you need. Other types of gates available are - Custom gates, metal gates, palisade gates and made to order steel gates. 


Other Types of Fencing

Other types of fencing we offer for domestic or commercial clients are - Horizontal slat, hazel hurdles, steel and timber palisade, security, acoustic, Chestnut.

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